It’s Been A While

Ya ya ya, I know…I haven’t posted in forever! No worries though, just because I haven’t posted…it doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking of all of you 🙂 It also doesn’t mean that I haven’t been painting because I have. In fact, I even did some paintings while I was on vacation. Now that’s dedication.

To sum things up, I have been doing some new experiments with the new Sharpie Oil Paint Markers. I wanted to paint on vacation, but I didn’t want to drag everything with me so that was the next best thing. They worked out well! Got a few pieces completed while I was in Wisconsin. I’ll post those soon, I just got frames for them and I want to take some better photos of them with the frames before I post them. These will all be for sale online and also at the craft fair in Woodstock on the 20th of Sept.

As for the bigger piece I have been working on…I won’t bore you all with the pictures that don’t really matter that I’ve taken in the last few weeks, I am just going to post the most important picture for you, the most recent.


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